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In 2011 I received an interesting e-mail:

Hi! I wonder if you can help me. My friend in Syria has made a model of the Colosseum. It is made of 70.000 small stones and 1500 arches. The size of the model is 100 cm x 100 cm. Parts of the surface can be lifted up so that it is possible to see the smallest details inside. It is an amazing and very impressive work of art. We have pictures of it and a video as well. Please, can you give us your opinion about the model? We will appreciate it!

When I saw the pictures and the video I was really impressed. I finally contacted the author who is a young artist called Reshan Yusuf.

He wrote: "My name is Reshan Yusuf. I am a 23 year old Kurdish living in Syria; I couldn't get my high-school Certificate because I don't have the Syrian nationality. Now I work in a marble shop. In my free time I draw and carve and I have ability to do or make anything. I have a lot of pictures, drawings and some other shapes of some wonderful buildings in the world. And I also have made some statues. I made a small shape of the Colosseum because I love and respect the Roman culture very much ."

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Reshan Yusuf with his creation

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The arena

Some information about the stone model: length=100 cm, width = 100 cm , height=75cm, weight: 200-250 kg. It consists of 70.000 pieces of stone. The biggest is 1cm square and the smallest is 1 mm square There are 1500 arches, cell , ladders , the emperor's seat. There is every small detail.
Reshan wrote that he would like to sell the model. His exceptional skills deserve publicity and a little help, so I obtained his permission to show the model in this website and to include his e-mail address.You can find it on YouTube here and here.
Unfortunately now (2013) Reshan's e-mail is not working anymore. I am a little worried because there is a civil war in Syria now, and I am trying to get some info about him.

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