Consular list

The Consular ListWho Was Consul Whenby ‘Andraeus Papadopolus Dacicus Maximus’ Note I: the Roman numerals behind the names indicate how many times the specific individual has been in office. Note II: consuls who at times have not been added on the list (example: T. Flavius Vespasianus in AD 51 or Domitian from his 3rd till his …

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Martial – De Spectaculis

M. VALERI MARTIALIS EPIGRAMMATON(LIBER DE SPECTACVLIS) I Barbara pyramidum sileat miracula Memphis,     Assyrius iactet nec Babylona labor;nec Triuiae templo molles laudentur Iones,     dissimulet Delon cornibus ara frequensaere nec uacuo pendentia Mausolea                              5     laudibus inmodicis Cares in astra ferant.Omnis Caesareo cedit labor Amphitheatro,     unum pro cunctis fama loquetur opus. II Hic ubi sidereus propius uidet astra colossus     et crescunt media pegmata celsa …

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Edmonson – Public Spectacles

ON PUBLIC SPECTACLES AND ROMAN SOCIAL RELATIONS By Jonathan Edmondson. Dpt. of History, York University, Toronto, Canada(from: All pictures in this page are by Sergey Krivonogov, a russian artist In A.D. 58 two Frisian leaders, Verritus and Malorix, traveled from the far-distant shores of the North Sea to the city of Rome to petition …

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Holy Week and the Jews

An interesting explanation of the Passion Plays (from:, now disappeared ) Biblical Theology: for Study and LifeReverend Glen Nelson Holy Week and the Jews … One historian writes that during the late Middle Ages, “practically every hamlet from Italy to England felt constrained to offer its version of the biblical tale at Easter.” Another remarks …

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Echoes from the Colosseum

A Paper from Monika Michutë on architectural aspects Roman ColosseumEchoes from the Colosseum: Building today on yesterdayMonika MickutëDTCCApril 20, 2004 Dear Cel Brant: The following is my term paper about the Roman Colosseum. During my research, I have gathered a lot of wonderful information and facts about the ancient engineering and architecture. In addition, the …

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